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1 day: Kigali Genocide Memorial Guided tour and visit Bugesera reconciliation village

The barbarities of 1994 Genocide against theTutsi which decimated the country and left an estimated of one million people dead.

08 AM; K. G. M.  Guided Tour: The Kigali Genocide Memorial offers guided tours of the exhibitions and gardens. Many of the guides are survivors of the Genocide against the Tutsi.

11 AM; Ntarama Genocide memorial: Ntarama’s former Catholic church is now a memorial site. Five thousand people were massacred there on 15 April 1994 during the genocide. This memorial centre is one of six major centres in Rwanda that commemorate the Rwandan genocide.

 02 PM ;  Mbyo/Bugesera Reconciliation Village.

On the brighter side, however the tour of Kigali will show you how Rwandans have put those darks days behind them and literally rebuild the country.


A Donation is welcomed


Distance will be 53 – 8 hours and it start at 8 AM

Prices in USD:

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