Our background

My name is Mikael Molander – the founder and owner of East African Travel Deals. I travelled to Uganda for the first time in 2017 and instantly felt a deep connection to the country. I have become very passionate about East Africa ever since then. My career background in Denmark (Europe) is in communication, advertising and tourism, so when hotels and tour operators in Uganda started to ask me if I could help them reach out to tourists in Europe, I decided to establish this platform: East African Travel Deals.

Our Mission

Our first goal was to give the local tourism industry an affordable platform to reach international tourists. The second was to give international tourists an opportunity to buy their safari directly from East African tour operators, hotels & Lodges without expensive middlemen – and with the endorsement from national East African Tourism Boards.

Even though I’m European, I feel obligated to hire and work with a local East African staff. We now have local staff in Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya – to support not only the national tourism industry in the specific country, but also assist any tourist in need of support in a foreign country. Please check the Contact page on this website to find our local people in East Africa.

Our shareholders

Being a European company active in East Africa, we have a social responsibility to contribute to local development – and not exploit the environment we make our money from. We are very much aware of our company profile and the footprint we leave in the region. Our true shareholders are the local people of East Africa, the culture, the wildlife – the elephants, the lions, the gorillas, the giraffes, the antelopes – the national parks, the rivers, the mountains. Without the beauty of the landscape and the East African Heritage – our company would have zero value. To show our gratitude, each year we will pay a dividend back to the region. We will select an impactful local project for us to donate a fair share of our company’s annual profit – so that we can give back to our true shareholders.